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The BOB & DENISE team would like to thank the following organizations and individuals for their generous support of this project.

Less is a Bore - $25,000 and above
Poor Richards Charitable Trust

Las Vegas - $10,000 and above
Deborah Sarnoff, M.D. and Robert
. . Gotkin, M.D.
The Eugene Garfield Foundation
Georgia and Michael de Havenon Fund
The Graham Foundation for Advanced
. . Studies in the Fine Arts

Decorated Shed - $5,000-9,999
Elise Jaffe and Jeffrey Brown
Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, Inc.
The Philadelphia Chapter of the
.. American Institute of Architect
Heekyung and Pil-Bae Song
Diana and Mallory Walker

Duck - $2,500-$4,999
Aga Khan Award for Architecture
Carole Haas Gravagno
Levin-Morris Architects LLP
Tuck-Hinton Architects PLC

Mannerist - $1,000-$2,499
Barbenco USA, Inc.
Marion Boulton Stroud
Stanhope and Elizabeth Browne
Health, Education + Research
... Associates, Inc.
Kohn Pedersen Fox Architects
Wei Li
Macrae-Gibson Architects P.C.
Muller Architects, Inc.
Paul and Linda Niebanck
Rice University
Weinstein Associates Architects
Zara Wike
Robert Zakanitch

Messy Vitality - $500-$999
Antoine Predock Architect PC
Bitnar Architects PC
Mary Budroni
William and Ann Carey
Judy and Jim Casey
Weld Coxe
Sharon and John DaSilva & Polhemus
...Savery DaSilva Architects Builders
Paul Hirshorn
John Hlafter
The Ira & Myrna Brind Foundation
Tom Killian and Françoise Astorg
Carolyn Langfitt
Laurence Miller
Moore Ruble Yudell Architects &
Morey’s Piers
Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego
Gabrielle and Michael Palitz
Dina and Jerry Wind
Zaras & Neudorfer Architects

Ugly & Ordinary - $250-$499
Christine and Piotr Roman Adamski
architectureisfun, inc.
Bri Film Ltd.
Margarita and Nancy Susana Concha
Mrs. Ralph Correnty
Marjorie De Coursey
Daniel V. Scully Architects
Susan and Dowd
Frank Schlesinger Associates Architects
Fundación Oscar Tusquets Blanca
Gardner Spencer Smith Tench & Jarbeau
Frederick Gerhart
Diana Goldstein
Susan Grant Lewin Associates, Inc.
Gail Harrity and Sandy Tilney
Helen Hecht
Phyllis Lambert
Leslie E. Robertson Associates
Mel Leipzig
Jean and Daniel McCoubrey
William Mitchell and Jane Wolfson
Vivian Piasecki
Mr. and Mrs. Isadore Scott
Jerome Shestack
Patterson Sims and Katharine A. Homans
Richard Spear and Athena Tacha
Lynn Stern
Richard Stokes
Drexel Turner and Mary Anne Piacentini
Unkefer Brothers Construction Company
John Vinci
Penelope and Thomas Watkins

Heroic & Original - Gifts up to $249
Karen and Michael Ablon
Stephanie Alber
Barbara Allen
Katherine Allston Geffcken
Edna Andrade
Architect & Acoustics Consultant
Marilyn Aronberg Lavin and Irving
... Lavin
Muriel and Harry Asch
Michael Baker
Barbara Baronda
Ruth Baronda
Livia Berardi
Karen and Anthony Biddle
Jerry Bronstein
Nina Brown
Diane Burko and Richard Ryan
Joan and Malcolm Campbell
Juli Capella
Christine Matheu Architect
Elizabeth Cohen
Jean-Louis Cohen
Janet and Bennett Colesberry
Nazanin Dana
David Bae Architect
Stephen Dittmann
The Eyeglass Works
Anne Farrell
Mary Finn Wood
Fisher Marantz Stone, Inc.
Freshwater Stone and Brickwork, Inc.
Leslie Gallery-Dilworth
Steven Gatschet
Germantown Jewish Centre
Joseph Herrin
Diane Hoffman Pringle and John Pringle
Frank Irete
Akemi Ishida
Josh Bach Limited
Morris Kellett
Diana and Robert Livesey
Vincent Maiello
Mareik, Inc.
Maryann Thompson Architects
Frederick Mayer
Margaret and Thomas McCormick
Betty and John McCoubrey
Jayne Merkel
George Nielsen
Mr. and Mrs. William Opel
Miles Orvell
Marilyn and Reese Palley
Ellen Perry Berkeley
Robert L. Miller Associates
Robert Renfro and Kathryn Snow Renfro
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Roberts
David Rosenberg
Nancy Scanlan
Miriam Schapiro
Ruth Schwab
Shinji Isozaki Architect
David Raphael Singer
Donald Solenberger and Ann Def
Diane and Damie Stillman
David Stupplebeen
Maud and Brian Tierney
Karin Trainer and William Stowe
Ruth Trampler
Richard Tyler and Kathleen Reed
David and Martha Wolff Van Zanten
Jacquelyn and James Walton
Mark Wieand
Steven Wiesenthal and Rebecca
... Trumbull
James Williamson
George Wislocki
Thomas Wright
John Yanik
Stuart Young
David Yust

For those whose names should be, but are not on this list, please accept our apologies.